...Monday, June 10, 2013

Mood: Sad
Currently listening: Nothing's gonna stop us now
     Harooo~ It's been a while since I last updated my blog so here goes nothing been addicted to a TV series recently entitled GAME OF THRONES, some may think it's all about porn sh*t but hey! have you been really following the story? not to bash anyone but yeah, i recommend that you guys watch it! it's a great series it's up until season 3 and season 4 will probably be out by next year or something. :D

     Classes will start for me soon! I am already enrolled! haha though still don't have any school supplies yet, since my mom and i go into a small fight and we just recently talked to each other again so yeaaaahhh anyways maybe tomorrow i'll go buy some supplies. June 17 is the start. 4th year college taking up BSIT, hoping everything ends well. :)

   And my lovelife? if anyone cares, well I'm still not ready yet not that I haven't moved on, i mean there are some guys who want to court me or should i say i specific one, but he's not really my type i mean i know him since we've been classmates back in elementary but i'm not yet ready and i don't think he's the one and surely my mom would love me to finish college before i get into a relationship again. For now i'm gonna enjoy my last year in college. Hopefully! ^^

     I've seen this Japanese Study Program that let's you study Japanese in Japan while at the same time work part-time for your daily expenses, I would love to apply in the program but it's costly and i haven't talked to my mom yet about it well i'm sure she'll be against it since i'm still studying but i want it to be after i graduate and all. for now i'll discuss it with my Aunt since she's really supportive to me in terms of going to Japan and kinda living over there for a bit ^^