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...Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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Konnichiwa Minna-san! 
Sorry for not updating for almost a year, things have been rough for me of so i think it is? Anyways I have so much to tell especially since I've already finished and already got a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology; GRADUATED!, though honestly i've learned a lot but at the same time totally forgotten about everything well our thesis study ain't done yet but it's on it's final stage to be book bind! (*//w//*).

Unemployed.It's tough no more money for me to spend really getting shy having to get money from my mom though i'm planning to apply around the month of May. 

I'm still sorting things out with my mother about me studying in Japan, of course i still need to find a Job and earn a bit of Money for my allowance, I'm still not sure if next year i could apply for the program but like what cousin have said a while ago over the phone "Be patient, wag kang atat darating ka din sa point na yun.." well it's Japan we are talking about and it's me i mean i've dream about it my entire life. (Gomen, for being such a freak)

Back to having my short hair again, was planning to not cut it and just have it long but since i really have thick hair it's a bit heavy for me and it's summer so it think it's cool? lol

Of course! I recommend the Japanese drama "Orange Days" it's a really old around 2004? It's a bittersweet jdorama it's about love and friendship, and NO it does not have a sad ending the drama gave me so much feels that up until now i still have it (watched it a week ago) the OSTs are superb! please do watch it if you have time the leads are awesome! the female lead is somewhat special since she cannot hear and uses sign language. It's a must watch. wwwwwwwww

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...Monday, June 10, 2013

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     Harooo~ It's been a while since I last updated my blog so here goes nothing been addicted to a TV series recently entitled GAME OF THRONES, some may think it's all about porn sh*t but hey! have you been really following the story? not to bash anyone but yeah, i recommend that you guys watch it! it's a great series it's up until season 3 and season 4 will probably be out by next year or something. :D

     Classes will start for me soon! I am already enrolled! haha though still don't have any school supplies yet, since my mom and i go into a small fight and we just recently talked to each other again so yeaaaahhh anyways maybe tomorrow i'll go buy some supplies. June 17 is the start. 4th year college taking up BSIT, hoping everything ends well. :)

   And my lovelife? if anyone cares, well I'm still not ready yet not that I haven't moved on, i mean there are some guys who want to court me or should i say i specific one, but he's not really my type i mean i know him since we've been classmates back in elementary but i'm not yet ready and i don't think he's the one and surely my mom would love me to finish college before i get into a relationship again. For now i'm gonna enjoy my last year in college. Hopefully! ^^

     I've seen this Japanese Study Program that let's you study Japanese in Japan while at the same time work part-time for your daily expenses, I would love to apply in the program but it's costly and i haven't talked to my mom yet about it well i'm sure she'll be against it since i'm still studying but i want it to be after i graduate and all. for now i'll discuss it with my Aunt since she's really supportive to me in terms of going to Japan and kinda living over there for a bit ^^

.Happy Birthday, Trin!
...Monday, March 4, 2013

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     Today isn't your typical day, I had to rush three projects yesterday 'cause the deadline was today, but i was wrong it was until due next week. I was relieved and a bit mad at the same time 'cause i wasn't able to finish it and i was really rushing so i can pass it on time. So after finding out the true deadline me and my blockmates watched "The rise of the guardians" which i loved. :")
I might re-watch it later 'cause it's superb!

     If you're asking who was my date on Valentines, sad to say none but all iz well. :) I still have my friends, family, agd, more friends, and girlfrendo! haha :)

Happy Birthday Trin! Sorry for the crappy video and all, Thank you for being a friend, a sister and so much more! Thank you for the friendship for almost 7 or 8 years but it's not about how long it's about how we have fun together with the other AGD gang! I love you! :")

.Sprout, URL, more changes~
...Monday, January 21, 2013

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Finally! a very nice person from the torrent side i'm registered
at gave me the download link for the complete subtitles for the
live-action SPROUT! now i can finally watch the series c: 
For those who want it please email me here;

Thank you kenedaa-san!
I already changed my URL linky from "ethieiskana" to kana-infinity; got the idea
from The perks of being a wallflower, so I think i need to spread to a couple of
friends my new URL so they can still find my blog. c:

I haven't been productive since 2013 started I'm getting more and more lazier 
thanever and i'm depressed about it, i hope that i could overcome this, and 
sincei'm way more busier than ever this semester *sigh*

I had the sweetest dream ever last Monday :"> well it involves my crush saying " why can't we just be together? " HAHAH! : ))) sorry I'm just having those butterflies in my stomach kind of thing~

...Monday, January 14, 2013

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My Grandmother from my Father's side died 3:30am last Saturday 
(12 JAN 13) because of that i feel regretful because i wasn't able to
see her so healthy, to think i'm gonna spend my summer vacation
there since i don't have ROTC summer training anymore :(

Well I received a text, knowing that she is now gone, me and my Grandma from
my mother's side took a trip over there it's a 6 hour drive to Santiago, Isabela..
we made it safely well I met some folks I haven't seen for a while, even met my
Half-brother, well he seems to not like me and it hurts *sobs* some say we look
a like but really i don't see any resemblance, Him w/ my step-sister, my family is 
complicated but I'll explain.

Well My Father married my mom in a church they got seperated i don't know if 
they go through any process like annulment and all i don't know but i think they
didn't so yeah well so my dad had a new woman it already has a daugther with
her first husband that's the girl in the pic of the other woman and my dad had 
this child which is my half bother, sooo that's it.

I wish when i have a vacation over there this summer i hope to be much 
more closer with my half-brother, since I'm an only child and all :")

I will forever miss you Mommy/Grandmother. 

.Happy New Year! 2013
...Monday, December 31, 2012

I was really gonna blog yesterday but so many stuff were happening at the same time soo yeaahh. I'm gonna post some pictures and stuff :)

I hope this year will be way cooler than last year but still, i'll try to update more and write more ^^

with my mom~

.21 DEC 12 Birthday
...Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My birthday last 21 DEC 12, my 18th birthday to be exact. My special day went well since there are some few things to mention:
• High School Friends celebrated with me and surprised me (well not really surprised) with a cake! Thank you! Love you too.
• Mom bought me a car :)) Love you, Mama!
Well and a whole lot more! Thank youuu!!!