.Happy Birthday, Trin!
...Monday, March 4, 2013

Mood: Stressed
Currently listening: kana seventeen - chihaya

     Today isn't your typical day, I had to rush three projects yesterday 'cause the deadline was today, but i was wrong it was until due next week. I was relieved and a bit mad at the same time 'cause i wasn't able to finish it and i was really rushing so i can pass it on time. So after finding out the true deadline me and my blockmates watched "The rise of the guardians" which i loved. :")
I might re-watch it later 'cause it's superb!

     If you're asking who was my date on Valentines, sad to say none but all iz well. :) I still have my friends, family, agd, more friends, and girlfrendo! haha :)

Happy Birthday Trin! Sorry for the crappy video and all, Thank you for being a friend, a sister and so much more! Thank you for the friendship for almost 7 or 8 years but it's not about how long it's about how we have fun together with the other AGD gang! I love you! :")