.Sprout, URL, more changes~
...Monday, January 21, 2013

Mood: // Regretful
Currently listening: A Thousand Years Part 2

Finally! a very nice person from the torrent side i'm registered
at gave me the download link for the complete subtitles for the
live-action SPROUT! now i can finally watch the series c: 
For those who want it please email me here;

Thank you kenedaa-san!
I already changed my URL linky from "ethieiskana" to kana-infinity; got the idea
from The perks of being a wallflower, so I think i need to spread to a couple of
friends my new URL so they can still find my blog. c:

I haven't been productive since 2013 started I'm getting more and more lazier 
thanever and i'm depressed about it, i hope that i could overcome this, and 
sincei'm way more busier than ever this semester *sigh*

I had the sweetest dream ever last Monday :"> well it involves my crush saying " why can't we just be together? " HAHAH! : ))) sorry I'm just having those butterflies in my stomach kind of thing~