...Monday, January 14, 2013

Mood: // Regretful
Currently listening: A Thousand Years Part 2

My Grandmother from my Father's side died 3:30am last Saturday 
(12 JAN 13) because of that i feel regretful because i wasn't able to
see her so healthy, to think i'm gonna spend my summer vacation
there since i don't have ROTC summer training anymore :(

Well I received a text, knowing that she is now gone, me and my Grandma from
my mother's side took a trip over there it's a 6 hour drive to Santiago, Isabela..
we made it safely well I met some folks I haven't seen for a while, even met my
Half-brother, well he seems to not like me and it hurts *sobs* some say we look
a like but really i don't see any resemblance, Him w/ my step-sister, my family is 
complicated but I'll explain.

Well My Father married my mom in a church they got seperated i don't know if 
they go through any process like annulment and all i don't know but i think they
didn't so yeah well so my dad had a new woman it already has a daugther with
her first husband that's the girl in the pic of the other woman and my dad had 
this child which is my half bother, sooo that's it.

I wish when i have a vacation over there this summer i hope to be much 
more closer with my half-brother, since I'm an only child and all :")

I will forever miss you Mommy/Grandmother.