.Christmas is near
...Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Probably a very unusual post of mine, well i'm bit lazy to put all those graphics stuff but maybe on my Christmas post i will so please bear with me and btw simple yet cute new layout eh? :) anyways christmas break just started for me and hell yeah it's not really break or anything since i have to deal with thesis stuff and so much more i'm pretty fcuked up. :( well my birthday is coming up and all but i don't feel like it's gonna be my birthday not to mention my 18th birthday, mom isn't being a mom lately but i understand she's working hard for me so it's okay.. but still *sigh*.
I should be thankful anyways since it's Christmas well I'm always thankful for every blessings i get everyday :)
Well i'll blabber more next time. sorry again. Meri kurisumasu~!