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...Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mood: // Happy yet a bit lonely~ 
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Just got back home from my cousin's crib yesterday, unfortunately no pics to show~ he hasn't uploaded the good stuff yet maybe on my next update :] well it was a good bonding time with friends, we are thinking of cosplaying, yes! i successfully influence them with cosplay! i still haven't thought of who i should cosplay i'll probably let a tailor do the job on the clothes, any suggestion on what to cosplay? something easy but still cool~ My first choice was probably the maid outfit on 'Kaichou wa maid sama' *w*b BTW, Update my music player thingy~ a song from my Favorite Korean singer, IU! Hwaiting! TwT9

This message below probably reminded me of ex-koibito.  
Probably reminded me of the text message that I send to him back then. ;A;