.Summer blues~
...Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mood: //Lonely~ Really loney~ (T ^ T)
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I probably don't know why I'm feeling so Lonely~ But it's okay I'll just let it out here, since i think that will probably ease the pain a little~ haha maybe I just miss my best friends ~ and The AGD people, I haven't had the time to talk to them actually, busy busy bee~ well some of them, and sometimes i don't catch them online, so unlucky~ Well as of now I'm chatting with Uru-kun, it's all good, talking about alot of stuff like about Chihaya :") let see.. what else can I talk about with my life here...

Well the other day I was at Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City, (Happy Fiesta again!) yes I was there because there is a Fiesta going on, and It was kinda like a yearly Tradition that me and my High School Friends will go over there, it's kinda like a reunion every once in a while, we ate a LOT! and God knows how much I miss them, that's why I feel so lonely now :( (tapos hindi pa kami kumpleto that day and may tampuhan pa :[ )

And what makes me lonely is that our scheduled plan tomorrow to have my passport was cancelled, some kind of Typographical error in my name on a certain Document (I forgot what Document it it.) I'm so unlucky~ but I'll try to overcome this loneliness, why? Because God is there for me :]
Let see~ that's all about it i guess? some pictures  below:
Right-o!! :)
That's why I'm starting to Exercise this summer :)
link to my own version of Love Distance Long Affair? Nahhhh..