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...Thursday, April 12, 2012

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Gahhh! Yes, I think I'm watching way too dramas these past few days.. I finish watching the Korean Drama 'Dream High Season 1' and after that I downloaded 'Dream High Season 2' (My BG Music is from Dream High S2) and I'm also done with it :D hahah then since I'm not yet satisfied search for a good Japanese Movie to download then I came across 'Paradise Kiss Live-Action' I've seen the anime like way before in Animax, it's pretty good~ didn't enjoy much the Live-action but you'll eventually get the hang of it as the movie goes by (*w*) b so I'm recommending those must watch drama/movie :D (sorry for not updating much about anime, I'm into Manga these days~) (-/\-)

Getting better and better at driving! *A* i'll be getting a student's license sooner or later :"> that reminds me by next week i'll be getting my passport, yes i'm only getting it now after 17 years of breathing kekekeke~

Been to the College Graduation Yesterday, CONGRATULATIONS BATCH '12! and i was really really Jealous seeing them successfully finish college and ready to face a new challenge but a part of me still saddens whenever i think of it.

Here's are of my favorite Couple from Dream High S1 & S2, they are probably one of the reason  my I stick to the drama, besides the awesome Singing and Dancing ( *w*)b

Wooyoung (Jason ) IU (Kim Pil Suk) 
Ui Bong (JR) and Lee Seul (Jung Yeon Ju)   
These couples are just so cute!!! makes me want to ship them loljk! (=///w///=)~