.Dream High S1, Driving, etc
...Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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So here goes an update of mine, well these past few days i'm watching this korean drama 'Dream High Season 1' and it's awesome! hahah i'm actually getting caught up with the story and all that! :D i love the cast and i'm starting to love the actress over there and because of her i want to cut my hair shorter than ever loljk! (will post a picture of her). Search for that kdrama and watch it i'm sure you'll love it, especially if you like kpop and all that~

Yes! Yesterday i was practicing how to drive! yay me! :D i only know a few basics :") but it's such a heart warming feeling that i know a lil bit about driving and i hope i can finish learning very soon and if a miracle happens that my mom will buy me a car haha (in my dreams T^T).

i know i haven't been much updating about my anime life and all~ haven't watch any new anime since 'Chihayafuru' ended, such a good anime i love the story and the art! sugoi! (*w*)v 

btw.. before the pictures and anything else i want to congratulate Chihaya & iDol(Neithan) for Graduating College with flying colors! i love you both! (* 3*) 

T-ara’s Eunjung  as Yoon Baek Hee at 'Dream High