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...Sunday, February 26, 2012

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Probably today was one of the days that i am not being productive or what so ever. After Months? of not updating my blog here goes nothing :) 

Got the chance to change my blog layout, was gonna do it liek months ago bust was too lazy to do so, so do you like it? as for me i really like it since Green is one of my favorite colors and all that and the image above i really like the quote.

BTW! Belated happy Valentines day! As usual I'm busy with both Academics and ROTC stuff. =)) but i'm trying my best in both so i won't get left behind.

I should be sad and all since i just had my first ever break up with koibito i meant ex-koibito, but still Life goes on, i'll live with it, though it's difficult since we always see each other in school and classroom, i really want us to be friends i don't wanna be the BITTER TYPE  of person. and i'm inspired since the people who loves me keeps on supporting me in the things that i wanna do so i thank you for that! :D KUDOS.

Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it. -VM
I got nothing more to say, till my next update, again nonsense ako mag blog. FML