...Monday, July 11, 2011

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Orange by ShounenT

Hello there! i am probably happy right now :) since i re-arranged and cleaned my room and i am finally able to use my old desk lamp :) i am more pump up on reviewing now b'coz of it, HAHAHA! oh yeah last Saturday we went to Baguio :) it's pretty cold and it rained so wasn't able to enjoy strolling, boo~ but anyways i bought my dream sandals (wasn't able to take a pic, gomen ;A;) and my mom bought me a pretty necklace with i really really like :D

well i am thinking of re-watching Honey and Clover, both seasons :) i just saw a reblogged post from chihaya and i had the urge to re-watch the series ^^b ARE YOU EXCITED? i mean are you excited for Harry Potter?! well i am! i'll probably watch it alone, i guess? well see XD anyways here goes something to show..

I probably want to arrange my room into something like this in the near future xD it's pretty neat for a not so neat person like me :P

This is the necklace i am talking about, cute ain't it? i already owned a chest type like pendant but it doesn't have anything inside it like that peace thingy inside when you open it, KAWAII ^^b