.Chihaya made my sad night ;) uru-kun too~
...Thursday, June 9, 2011

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GUMI Pedal Heart covered by ShounenT

Because i was a bit depressed with koibito thanks to Chihaya and Uru-kun :D thanks for the advice and all. and of course ShounenT for that song~ his voice is exceptionally beautiful and it gives EARGASM to meh. -shot- i'll be making a cover to that song very soon! who wants to duet with me then? just twitter me or just post on the magical chatbox of mine~ i don't bite dudes and dudettes *winks* btw i made my third plurk acct i hope this will be the last. afufufufu~ since everyone is almost there i think i'll be able to stay long enough XD *high five AGD*

My oh my i'm a yellow person~ ;)