.Hi 2011 ;)
...Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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【相楽夜】 Glow を 歌ってみ

2011 just came in and i already lost 3 subscribers on Youtube, I feel so lonely thinking that they are unhappy with me, but i need to be happy and just MOVE ON :] I'll try to upload more stuff next time ( i think it was the new years greeting video of me) *dies*
Nothing much change, the same usual routine in life. I cried yesterday some personal issues you can ask me if you want :] hohohoho BTW! I'm starting to write a Diary again, not virtually, writing again seems kinda fun~ (^v^)~//

I don't have any new years resolution 'cause i don't wanna make some promises i can't keep but i still made one and that is continue being 'awesome' woooo-hoooo! ^^

gonna upload something new on Youtube today! :)