.My Birthday last 21st of December '10
...Thursday, December 23, 2010

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You're Beautiful

It was totally fun! some greeted me exactly 12am it was so much. Had a date with a special person, XD and before i forgot sorry for being not so active, too lazy to update XD let's get back to what i am talking about a while ago, we watched MEGAMIND it was funny though a bit boring but all in all it's awesome though the date was what you call 'BITIN' lol

and yes i got gift from my mom :] super advance actually :] well and my date gave me something too :]] I was really happy! btw i forgot i am already SIXTEEN. SWEET 16, ufufufuffuu ^^;; I thanked God for everything that happened to me may it be good or bad.

Thank you so much for greeting me friends! my Internet Friends/Family greeted me too and gave me online gifts! YOU PEOPLE SURE ARE THE BEST! same as my real life friends xD missyouAGDfolks! and ENIS, and some new friends thank you!!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!

I has the best mom ever!