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...Monday, November 8, 2010

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Look at my avatar know that anime? that ish one of the Animes i have loved! Brain Powered i watch it when i was in my first year of High school on Animax it's EPIC! =w=b anyways been busy with college stuff as asual i haven't been able to sing lately too though i did some failure ones will post them below so you can look at them. finally i was able to watch despicable me alone ;A; since no one like to watch w/ me something so kiddly like movie *sobs*

It's finally November! and today was the start of my 2nd semester in my 1st year of college XD wohooo! yay for me for surviving my 1st sem! XD I was happy for a while yesterday 'cause of chihaya having a news that shounenT broke up with his GF muahahaha!! when it made me happy and sad too, and did i mention i was so heart broken last week ;A; because of that someone. *sigh* you can ask me privately if you want to know that crappiest story ever! ;A;

I have my new schedule! MWF 8-5pm TTh 7:30-12:00nn not so bad eh? we have our Physics subject now and Trigonometry ;A; *dies* BUT one of my Major subject ish awesome! Web Development YAHOOO~~!

thinking of what to do for fun lately ~~

I have this new hair style of mine, most people loved it most people don't. -- emo meh /wrist. loljk!

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