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...Saturday, June 26, 2010

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I was going to blog something last week but i am busy chatting w/ some friends yes you know who you are :D *thesongiamlisteningmakesmecry* anyways, COLLEGE IS REALLY TOUGH and i feel like dying, i never knew college ish this tough, but i am enjoying myselfy being friends w/ new people, new environment and totally new opportunities ahead of me. I have high expectation to myself this college i am aiming really high this time, i want my grades to be two or something like that, but since we are talking about me, i wonder if i will be able to reach it, PROCRASTINATING FTW! (/u\) *covers face* but wish me luck!
My schedule ish okay i think, MWFSat i go home 12nn, TThu i go home 6pm but on my MWF sched. i have to report to the ROTC office, yes i've taken ROTC just like in my high school the CAT but ROTC is a lot more tough so I WISH YOU COULD PRAY FOR MEH to survive XD

So much for that, my NND FAN LIFE is ruined the other day, ShounenT has a GIRLFRIEND, NOOO ~ ! he even said I love you to her and in english too, I was shot *dies* now i am looking for someone to fangirl totally i think clear-san would be naisu and even that-san *ufufufufufu..*

I was finally able to watch " DISNEY PIXAR'S UP " I think i was such an epic story, i love how the ending end that way, well it was a bit of a tear jerker for me, a little :p Now i want to watch TOY STORY 3, and yes i haven't watch it yet, sorry, lol Maybe i'll watch it alone tomorrow, XD hahaha..

I NEED TO WATCH AN ANIME OR SOMETHING!!! =w=;; I've finish my marathon on KHR and waiting for more episodes to come, I like long animes, since i haven't watched the Maid-sama thingy *forgot the whole title* maybe i'll try it. but i has to watch some of my old pending animes.. *sigh*

OKAAAYYY.. since i need to study for my long quiz in math on monday i has to end this blog, or something :P


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