...Saturday, May 15, 2010

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Finally I had the chance to update sorry about that everyone, i was too lazy and busy with my college thingy finally i am enrolled though i need to go back to the school to get my medical result then i need to get my I.D and gotta ask when will school starts, my schedule is pretty much weird thought it's okay I am in Block 2 and my schedule is in the morning and guess what me and my friends are classmates YES! we enrolled together that's why and our course if the same BSIT, so I hope everything will work out, now i am excited on what awaits me in my college life XD btw I made another blog it's in the fc2, here's the link :D I just made it a while ago > w < http://wheniblog.blog131.fc2.com/ i am still new with this so.. yeah but no worries i won't abandon this blog XD