.I was about to change skins && etc. ( ̄□ ̄;)!!
...Friday, May 28, 2010

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I was attempting to change blog skins, well sorta but me and Chihaya were chatting on sukaipu (skype) yes i kinda got the habit of calling it sukaipu so don't bother, so yeah, && Chihaya said that my current skin is CUTE *A* and 'cause of that i hesitated on changing skins, i feel like my current one is too pinkish don't you think? and one reason is when i was a child whenever i see the color pink i get dizzy.. especially when i see HELLO KITTY *A* but now not anymore, i am not really much of a pink color fan. I made my account on Minitokyo though i only have a few wallpapers upload over there GOMEN my graphic skills are really rusty i need to spend more time w/ my PS *w* and get back on learning the basics at codings, I so wanna learn it on school now so badly 'cause i am an IT student that's why :P
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