...Monday, April 19, 2010

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I think I am reblogging to much DRRR in my TUMBLR account, haha there are so many DRRR and Soul Eater pictures that really caught my Eye and they are freaking cool, awesome whateves, anyways I'll put mhy tumblr account here later XD since I've been busy with a lot of stuff and lazy as well I've thought I should update this blog ;) The other I was at Laur, since it's FIESTA at my friends town, well me and my other friends kinda like go there and food trip and definitely a ROAD TRIP babby, Well we don't have any license or anything like that but we still love it, and THANK LORD GOD we almost like fhuhffjkjjfr if we weren't careful enough, really thank GOD and I got home 11pm already I am glad my Grandma is asleep when I got back, Mom didn't get Mad or anything I was like texting her every 5 minutes LOL to say that I am still ALIVE, :D I didn't have much pictures that day a picture of 'me' since I was like over protective with my SLR not really 'cause some of my friends got to used it, :D


Hatsune Miku - 1925 【ETHIE ver.】

【3人】 愛言葉 【合唱】 / Ai-Kotoba - Youtube Chorus

this 3 person receive some honors ;)