...Thursday, April 1, 2010

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Uragiri no Yuuyake [Durarara!!! OP] Full Version

Yup! It's already summer vacation for me and I'll be a College student in no time O.o but anyways out of all the summer vacation I have experience this most likely is the most boring summer ever!! everyday it feels like i might co crazy T___T that's why i need to go out well just the other day I went to my cousin's house to hang out we got to go swimming @ his place since they have a small pool on the backyard together with some of our friends we just like party like a ROCK STAR lolz, btw nice new look on my blog neh? hehehe.. I like how to the colors are :) they are not utterly PINK and thank God for that xD I am not really much of a pink fan :p

and I am super duper happy!! know why? 'cause my Graduation gift from my Mom is a DSLR!! yay!! and I named it "Nik" came from the brand itself Nikkon :) and he's my son 'cause my laptop ish my husband -.- forgive me for being weird *sits at the corner*. I am hoping me and my family could spend this summer somewhere out on our country, hehehe.. but nah.. we are not that rich -.-

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