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...Thursday, March 18, 2010

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【初音ミク】PIANO*GIRL ~Full SIZE~

today was so tiring, unexpected things happened like i was involve in the event REVOLUTION, it's a concert for the Ever Increasing Church one of our Cell leader invited us to join xD the fact that i wan invited isn't a big deal but being one of the performers is a big *SHOCK* O____o to me, yeah, now i can't back out now since it will be bad if i said i don't wanna do it anymore and of course we are doing it for God :D wish that everything will turn out great and i don't make lots of mistake so help me God.

I am also busy practicing for our Graduation -______- i'll be graduating soon and it is so sad.
that's why we and my friends always took pictures everyday for our remaining time together :( well after our Graduation we will go swimming i hope everyone in our class could attend :D :D sadly you can't view all the pictures in my Facebook add me first but please tell me your name before i accept you :)

Hanazawa Kana - Renai Circulation 【ETHIE ver.】
Hatsune Miku - Celluloid 【ETHIE ver.】


【6 合唱】 Ai-Kotoba/Love words - Youtube Chorus

I'll die with too much fatigue