.I died last Saturday :D
...Monday, March 22, 2010

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(ニコニコ大会議ツアーファイナル) 「Smiling」[ LIVE PERFORMANCE ]

YAY! i died last saturday what i mean is, I killed the me who has desires that are bad, bad habits, and other things :D it was the REVOLUTION that i was talking about on my last post, yes indeed in change me a lot, now I am a history maker, i think i have the urge to worship GOD more than before i feel like i am a different person in a good way :) after that Youth Conference, I decided to make a difference that once it was finished I will never be the same person again, not literally different, but now I know a lot of things!! and church isn't that boring not at all :D :D I feel refreshed, Oh Lord God thank you for the Opportunity that you gave me to attend something like the REVOLUTION I hope i can continue it :)

btw.. listen to the one I am currently listening it's awesome!! below are the list of some of my newest cover :D

Hanazawa Kana - Renai Circulation 【ETHIE ver.】

A picture of me with my REVOLUTION t-shirt and pin, and
yes I have 4 glow in the dark bracelet on my wrist :))