...Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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Renai Circulation [Full Version] - Hanazawa Kana

So atlast i decided to update my blog, my gawd i am freaking lazy, and btw pleaseee forgive me for not updating for so long i was busy with school, passing requirement subject after subject since just so you know i am a graduating student, yes it true!! i'll be graduating HS on MARCH 24, 2010 i just hope i can graduate :) pray for me please? so yesterday i decided to exchange phones with my MOM since she has a lot of cellphone maybe 6 O.O she need it for her business thingy, i don't really know, so we exchange since i kinda like cellphones that are touch screen and NO it's not apple, it LG i forgot the unit but it's cool i'm getting a hang on it XD

I've been dubbing some new songs on YT it's kinda like my new hobby like what i always tell on my previous post xD forgive me for being so random on my blog post :P and did i mention that i already got my VERY OWN LAPPY!! yay!! actually i got i think last month?? i dunno if i already mentioned it but oh well, i'll included the new songs that i have dubbed :) ehehe.. please check my facebook out to see some new picture over there and yeah, our JS prom is already finish i'm gonna miss those time when i get to wear a gown T__T ( even though i don't like it ) check my facebook to see the pictures i'm sure you'll die laughing at my face ;A;

SPICE! - Kagamine Len 【ETHIE ver.】
From Y to Y - Hatsune Miku 【ETHIE ver.】
Fuwa Fuwa Time Cover Re-do 【ETHIE ver.】

[Re-Live & Ethieisaya] Hatsune Miku - Celluloid

[Group Dub] K-ON - Fuwa Fuwa Time {ふわふわ時間}
【合唱】SPICE! - Crimson Chorus
that's all :)