.Let's ROCK 2010!
...Saturday, January 2, 2010

The last picture I took on the year 2009
December 21, 2009 my birthday

wow, it's already 2010 and so many things had happen in my life as far as I can remember I cried a lot this year due to friend problems well can't help it xD I am pretty much lazy up until now, and Hoping that this year I won't be :p anywas, I don't think I'll change the blog layout since I kinda like it this way :D

Now I am still sad about Imeem being gone, well even thought I have the ning.cm that is pretty similar to the original I keep feeling that there is still something missing, GAWD! i miss my friends :(

On New years eve I watch the fireworks outside the house they were pretty, but luckily my family didn't buy fireworks only those noisy trumpets to blow, but it was fun eating lots of food together with my family and also we had so many laugh trip that day xD I still don't have my iPOD yet :( My aunt bought me one as a birthday Present still waiting for the package I might not be able to enjoy it by the time it arrives cause school will start On January 4, 2010 and also This year I am Graduating and will go off to College!!! :(( I still don't wanna but still not sure If i will Graduate, hahahaahaha ..

Well that ends this post I don't wanna talk anymore I hope that this year will be a AWESOME year! :D

Uploading picture at FACEBOOK, and hells yeah, listening to Vocaloids