.I'm so stressed out (*´Д`)=з
...Thursday, January 28, 2010

//Tired φ(.. )
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【7人の】 『Dear』 - ReEdited And Mastered - 【合唱】

Well This month is so tiring I don't know what to-do anymore both my real life and internet life is so tiring I just hope i can find a sweet escape form this life of mine, I hope I can pass My Invetigatory defense and my Thesis defense of else i won't be a able to graduate and I don't want that to happen, btw I'll be taking a Entrance Exam On CLSU and also SLU gawd I haven't pass my form yet @_@

I haven't been listening to my math subject these days I'm losing my focus since my life is full of tiring things, it's difficult to be a Graduating student, the pressure is killing me O.o ..

My first Duet:
Hatsune Miku - COLOR 【StarlitNite x ethieisaya】
Newest Cover of Mine:
SPiCa - Hatsune Miku 【ETHIE ver.】
I'm about to read a manga before I sleep