.WAHHHH!! my birthday will be tomorrow!!
...Sunday, December 20, 2009

ehehee.. and i'll grow a year older again though i am pretty much happy about it! and my mom will buy me a iPOD already!! *excited* and i can store loads of anime songs in there, *muahahaha* and of course something good happen to me :D imeem is being revive in ning.com :D here's the link! http://imeeem.ning.com/ PM me through the cbox if your in their XD i'll be glad to add you there!

and also tomorrow is out x-mas party :) ahaha.. and i'll bring over spaghetti that my mom made, and especially I am excited with the exchange gift thingy, *remembers her low bat cam* i need to charge it, glad i remembered it, tehehehe..

I've been doing some new things since Imeem is gone, i've been doing some anime cover song, in Youtube, and I am recently a Fan of vocaloids, and especially Nico Nico Douga singers, and here's their new awesome SONG!

I think that's all for now, i'll post pictures for tomorrow's party :)