...Monday, November 9, 2009

finally i was able to update my layout blog :) ehehe.. sorry to say this but i didn't made the layout for my blog credits goes to the one who made :D well it's really cute isn't after realizing how cute this layout is i decided to review on how to make a website layout, since before I have a sub domain blog and i was the one who made the lay. but since i got lazy i closed the site and now i totally have forgotten on how to make one since the codings are pretty hard and i always forget some of it.

well anyways I saw a music from chihaya
"Genesis of Aquarion" yup that's the one i saw it and kinda listened to it it's really awesome :D why don't you listened to it, but i haven't watch the anime yet.

Tomorrow school starts @11am hmmm.. i have a lot of time to stay up late and not to mention i haven't studied for my long quiz tomorrow and still haven't done my homework maybe because i am too lazy to do something, but glady i didn't get lazy updating my blog : ) hmm.. I have been listening to :
Fuwa fuwa time - K-ON the version of Mio & Yui and it is so kawaii!