.We will never say goodbye :')
...Friday, July 17, 2009

Though there are tears behind the smiling face, the fact that you won't return physically will never change but in our hearts I know you will be always beside us, guiding us, I may have been a not so good granddaughther to you and I haven't found time to see you or me and my mom though deep inside it was a shock, you grew weaker and weaker because of an illness and yet in times when you need us I wasn't there, I know you are happy wherever you are because I know Lord God won't ever abandoned you, Daddy/Grandpa, I hope you will forgive me, for not being to be there when you wanted to see me.. and yet you left so early but I know it's time for your very long sleep, I wish i could have spend my summer vacation over there last summer, and yet... I'm sorry, I know you can't read this anymore though I know you can because forever and ever you are still alive in me, until the day I am also ready for my very long sleep me, and your love ones will always love you :')

Lord God, please give us strength especially to grandma who lose her only one.

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