.I called and You answer ;)
...Sunday, July 5, 2009

nice eh?! ahaha..
it's a really nice phrase in the song that, we have sang in the church! though we sing a lot of songs, yes i can say that sunday is really the best, though after the church, I got to do a lot of busy stuff, 8sigh* and now before i continue doing my busy busy works, need to update since my blog is soooo.. dead for while xD and seriously i am busy w/ school && not to mention ENTRANCE EXAM are coming it's on july 11 people wish me luck! hahaha.. hope i can pass on that university or else i need to go to exam at other universities so i have a back up but my first choice is really the that i like and now i have fully decide on what course i will be taking! tourism, ha ha :D

I think that's all for now i did a lot of croco loco things today.. and after i am done w/ my busy works i need to find some time for me to relax a lil bit before Monday comes! lolz