...Saturday, June 6, 2009

well just 1 hour ago i am pissed, but now i am fine.. sigh, just log out from yahoo messenger, i feel tired recently and i feel nervous w/ school and stuff && it's raining now.. it's really cold i hope mr. sun will shine very soon., or not cause i still don't want to go to school ehehe.. lazy dude i am, like a cat :P

anyways been playing the guitar non stop this afternoon, and yes my hand is hurting like crazy due to too much playing jamlegend ahaha.. and now my mood is currently: Hungry -.- i think i'll find food later on.. i feel really pissed due to a argument on a friend a while ago, and even though i am not the one at fault i am still the one who have to say sorry -.- *grrrr* i hope typing it will really ease my anger >.<