.I can't believe it!
...Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I was very tired today, we have a CAT training again, though i am not one of the cadets, i am one of the officer, you read my past entries i did tell that i am somewhat a CAT officer on our school, well anyways, been tired the whole day i sleep last night almost 1am and yes i have to wake up early 5am that makes me have 4hours of sleep, or 5.. just around it, geez.. and my breakfast was only bread and some hot choco.. :(

We didn't have any training though, only a orientation on the cadets, wheee., and lunch came up well the lesson the orientation was boring not to mention i already know most of the stuff or teacher was talking about, well back to LUNCH! i was very happy making the right choice to pack a bento w/ me! so happy (^.^)/ i ate w/ my friends of course, and i was full..

and classes starts at 11am so just go around and talk to my friends play w/ them etc etc... i hate this day a lil bit because of our teacher in Physics i can't believe it! all the questions she's asking are nonsense; i mean she really isn't much of a great teacher, yes i can say...

Here's the deal after that we have our Mathematics and what i CAN'T believe i was really listening to our teacher and understand it, and it was funny cause when we have a quiz on it, i was really not at the right mind and just realise it after answering that....

2 divided 2 is 2
, hahahaha!! i really made a mistake at that but i'll try my best tomorrow! wish me luck!