...Sunday, June 28, 2009

kaayy, i didn't update like.. i don't know, i am a very lazy person so don't expect too much from me oh weel, this whole week was a super duper very tiring dayss, i feel like in hell. -.- && not to mention i am preparing for at least 3 entrance exams, wish me luck people! i hope i can past the exams and get into a nice university in Manila, yes, i will be living alone by then, not really alone my friends will be attending the same school, IF! we pass the exams,.. so i need to study super hard on it, especially on the subjects i am weak MATHS && SCIENCE, weee~!

&& last Friday we didd some aerobics thingy in our P.E class, and until now i m body is still aching, i can't even move a muscle yesterday.. my body hurts >.<>