.yeah right
...Sunday, May 24, 2009

I didn't do much today, just lazying around the house thinking 
that school will start very soon i think it's around June 8, just 
thinking about it makes me have goosebumps, lol. 
My last year in high school will be over by then i'll be graduating 
very soon, now that i think about entering college i remember the times that 
i didn't really take seriously about the things i learned so far just like 
when i was a first year HS, i didn't really bother studying especially to math, -.- 
But i think high schoolis all about enjoying xD i mean it's my last year in 
high school i need to have ' FUN ' ~!

'FUN' is the greatest!'FUN' is right!'FUN' is limitless!

but i still really need to take my decisions seriously like what 
course i will be taking still deciding on it, but i think i'll 
take I.T or either Tourism, being a teacher didn't even cross my 
line, but helping children with their education is a good thing. 
and not that i have read this, new post of mine i think i didn't even 
make sense, i'll watch some anime after this and go to sleep my 
last day on my Guitar lesson is today need to attend it since i was 
absent last monday :p oh and yeah, i enjoy playing "Bubbly" in 
the guitar and it's pretty easy too! xD