.w/ my friends @ my room ;p
...Wednesday, May 20, 2009

here's the day that i got my braces and some photo's of me and my best friends i like taking pictures i think i have a thousand of them by now, but i haven't thought of printing it and paste it on my album that's one of my to do list maybe later or tomorrow i'll let you see my to do list that will have to last a year just to complete one task, so here's the picture;

so yeah we three got braces ;) i am the one in the middle in the right is my cousin Xtian && in the left is my best friend megan ;) ( sorry about the ugly room) ^^" btw.. i hate my smile in that picture *sigh* i am practically showing off my braces which doesn't suit me that much :p aha ha ha...  you much for that! well i don't know.. 
you can check my Friendster account to see more pictures! and alkso i'll be glad if you can add me in your friends list xD oh yeah my To-do list will be posted next update ;D