.To-Do List!
...Friday, May 22, 2009

Just like what i promised my To-Do List for the whole year ;) but i will have to add more, if i have decided on what i want. and yes i will also make my check list! and yes i will try my best to accomplish it all xD especially w/ the ones that i will have to buy! *grins*
[✔]Attend Guitar lessons.
[?]Switch to Mechanical pencil
[✔]Learn to play Mahjong
[?]Print pictures together with friends & put it in a album.
[✔]Learn to play a piece in piano.
[?]Play Fall for you in my Guitar.
[?]Buy Electric Guitar
[?]Buy Sony Ericsson W380i.-
i so wanna get this one
[?]Attend advance lesson when school starts.
[?]Keep things organized in PC Weekly.
[?]A diary filled with memories before graduating.
[?]Imeem theme for group.
[?]Nintendo DS.-
a DS & a new phone i need a 10 thousand+ for this!
[?]Finish the twilight saga && buy the complete series of book.-
I already finish the first book.

-I think this will be enough for now i'll add more if i though of any but saving money is my priority here and yes i have a laptop now but i am pretty much still in love w/ my desktop maybe i'll have my aunt get me a new one ;p