.I update to slow.
...Sunday, May 31, 2009

hello! for the past few days i have been hanaging out at my cousin's place., and he's super rich! ha ha ha, thanks for always treating me always couz! xD well we actually decided to hang out in his place because, he got a complete set for drums, and has a keyboard an amplifier a grand piano and violin, and the most special is, we can actually play in there ;) i often practice my guitar over there xD that's teh fun part!

oh yeah the other night i got to talk to my co-officer from my CAT, well i mean he called mostly like 10pm and we ended up sleeping almost 6am, no worries it doesn't cause him a lot of money because, err.. it's ulimited up until 6am in the morning ;) and it's really cheap! xD though i feel sorry for him cause i am not the type of person to tell much, unless if it is about anime!

I haven't told you yet, but i already finish CODE GEASS R2 and yes i admit it did made me cry so much :( it was just too sad for me, and not to mention i fell in love w/ Lelouch! ha ha ha he's just handsome! i feel like telling something about the anime K-ON! i like Yui in that anime, and azu-nyan! ehehee...
Yesterday i brought my things for school notebooks and ballpen and yes My Mechanical pencil it's pretty handy though now need to click just shake it! and OMG! why did i forgot to but a highlighter! -.- *sigh* i really need it for my History subject! i really plan to study real hard now! i wish i can fulfill it, please do wish me luck people!