.i know..
...Tuesday, May 19, 2009

..my blog has been dead for a long time now, i am just not that good at handling blogs and stuff, but i'll try to update more often.., 

Did i mention that Summer Break started a for me for a while now? and classes will resume maybe around June, but i haven't enrolled yet, and i am attending some summer lessons, thinking of attending a cram school, you know just to be prepared for college and stuff cause i'll be graduating next year *sigh* troublesome, i know i know i am dumb that's why i have to attend cram, but i am too lazy to do so.. :p

I have been pretty active in my imeem account ;) *i wonder how is kawaii nee-chan doing?* and recently i forgot to play the guitar back to basics -.- need to refresh my memory, and oh yeah i think i had taken an interest in classical music thanks to nodame, i think i'll play piano from time to time my friend has a piano and allowed me to play xD i hope things will go smoothly tomorrow cause i have some lesson 10-11am wish me luck!

i got my myself some braces, yes and i so do not look adorable ;P ha ha ha..  it's been 2 months since i got them but still i am not used to it, it's too hard to eat things you like the most && to brush your teeth is a bit hard... xD

i think that's most of it that happen to me recently not to mention i am begining to expand my knowledge in graphic designing since my skills is getting rusty day by day.