.1 week left?! *gasp* O.o
...Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tomorrow is the Orientation for my school and it's a time to meet some old classmates and hoping to meet new transferee ;) time to know what section i do belong, i hope that Xtian && Megan can be my classmate xD it's making me nervous too, i hope i don't end up in the section w/ too many smart people i might lose my confidence -.-

well on June 8 real school starts the most fearful day ' My first day of school ' i hope things will turn out really good and i do not make anything stupid or anything, somehow i feel like being excited for tomorrow! yay! xD and yes i think my time in the internet will reduce since school will start! gimme your support PEOPLE!!! O.O ha ha ha.. i think i just ate too many choco 2 hours ago and yes it's taking it's effect. . 

oh yeah i think that's all for now need to reply to some comments ;) xD