.Why i didn't get to go online last weekend!
...Monday, January 12, 2009

becoz, i was super busy with our swimming last saturday my friends and i got to go to swimming Yay! and the odd part was we are the only ones in the resort we are actually a totall of five!! XD

well we got to the resort around 12am then we got home almost 6pm XD ahaha.. i enjoyed every minute of it even thought i got my skin tan a lilttle oh yeah i forgot i got my new haircut now but i haven't posted a good picture cause my hair isn't that great :P ehehe..

then let's move on last sunday, i recently got a practice for our up coming variety show in our school and so on.. well that's about it and then i got busy again when i got to school this Monday... we didn't even have any classes cause.. most of the students are practicing and the etachers are very busy so we just roam around aimlesly in schoola nd practice a lil bit, and did i mention i am learning how to.. " Pencil Thumbround. "