.Few More days..
...Saturday, January 3, 2009

Few More days.. yea, after a few days it's back to school -.- and i am still inspiration-less i wonder why.. i have read it in the article that u are not "MOTIVATED" when you do not have any inspiration and i think i agree with that article : )

I've been reading tons of Manga(s) and some of Books that my fav write wrote Bob Ong.. i like his books and his good sense of humor :] but if he would make a English version of his books it will so funny.. yea.. XD
Last night was so Cold i mean COLD!! ahahaa.. i sleep last night without any electric fan nor Aircon...lolz been wearing socks the whole night :p I am wondering about making a new theme today for my Imeem profile :] that would be nice just thinking on where would i start i got the images that i needed already rendered it and so just thinking of the design to make.. i miss going to school but i will also miss the days that i didn't got to school well this year will be a Busy year and surely on the next semester after this would be a new start for me has a Fourth Year Student but it's still will be on June. so still have plenty of time for Summer Vacation!!! Yaaaa~! can't wait! will go the beaches or out of the town trip or out of the country(how i wish out of the country) or simply hang out on my cousin's Rest house with a bunch of friends and stay for a 3 day trip, ehehehe... yep i know i decide it even thought i don't own it :D :D :D cause i am so sure my cousin wouldn't come up with such a awesome IDEAA!! lolz XD

So i wonder how my friends were doing on their vacation mine sucks i am just in the house doing nothing than just doze off in front of the t.v or the computer and go out with my friends and got to the mall :D watch some new movies and stuff like that go and make the DOCUMENTARY~~ oh about that!
THE DOCUMENTARY went well actually we help a lot of poor people it was fun! it's not that bad as you think when we see them on t.v their really nice XD glad it went well for all of us (>.<)V

btw.. i would like to have my Haircut done you know cause it's new year it means new look :D ahahaha.. i think i'll go tomorrow that would be nice ;) ask my mom for some haircuts and i like the one that she chooses.. excited for tomorrow maybe i should go and buy some baggy pants and also baggy shorts i like wearing cargo :]] i know it's boyish but i like the way i dress ;D

i think that's about it :]

this video is mostly taken on the manila ocean park, but the videor is kinda a little drunk *joke* i'll upload more vids next time.. btw.. here's a picture if us :D

i am the one with the hoddie is on the gray one yep that's me!