.Did you know?! btw.. Happy new year!
...Thursday, January 1, 2009

Did you know that when cockroaches invent radiation suits, they'll become immortal?
Did you know that the capital of China is C?

Did you know that sharks can't stop swimming, or they'll die?

Did you know that 99% of YouTube isn't even about You?
Did you know that walking backwards makes you gain weight?
Did you know that www.therapistfinder.com is a great website for finding a therapist in your region?
Did you know that if you find Snakes On A Plane, the best thing to do is to not move?
-don't know if it is true :)

RANDOM! : ) btw.. Happy new year! it's the year of the OX!

A while ago while i was watching the news on T.V some Chinese expert said that the people who were born on the year of the Dog will be lucky i wonder i will be lucky too?! i wish i am! ahahaha.. i haven't thought of any New year's resolution -.- well the first thing that is popping to my head is to STUDY HARD i mean real HARD oh and the most important thing that i popping in my head is to remove my so-called-disease-i-call-LAZINESS ;p well is that even a valid for a new year's resolution : ( oh yeah oh yeah! i also want to improve my MATH skills -.- OMG! i am so desperate :p i haven't post the firework that we light up in the new years eve. it's a video but it's in my Cellphone so.. i'll try to move it in my PC, i can't move it cause my bluetooth device is missing and i can't find my card reader might as well borrow from my cousin.. but i still need to wait till Jan. 5 to borrow it since, his house is so far away... not that far maybe i am just too lazy again to go there.. but i have a super-valid-reason why i can't go outside today and tomorrow cause my mom don't have any company here today.. maybe i'll just wait for Jan. 5 btw... that's the date for the class resume : ) well that's gotta be Goodbyeeee holiday break (ToT)/~~~

Well let see i'll show you some pictures of me and my friends while we are in training we are a member of the Organization C.A.T stands for Citizen Army Training but NOW it stands for Citizen Advancement Training... so it is associated with Military Training :]] The photos were taken at out not so Pretty School nor big :) btw.. we are wearing a soldiers Cloths there every officer has one : ) here goes nothing..

From Left to Right ( Me, Megan, Vanessa )
Me: Medical Officer
Megan: Watch Commander
Vanessa: Liason Officer

ehehehe...well that about it, wait there's more picture just a lil talk will be good ayt? so the Position is there, btw All of US third years are all CAPTAIN ehehe.. so there's not really any Higher ranks among our batch our juniors are the 2nd years and first years well in a sense that we have the higher rank than them but our seniors are the 4th years our Corps Commander is in the 4th year the Highest rank among officer : ) btw.. i can type Japanese now see あや

Me && Megan!

I look weird don't you think?! once again i'll tell you i am a random person who have lots of random questions : ) *sigh* i forgot what is this blog all about :p ehehehe.. don't you think a Vlog will be good?! hmm.. i'll be thinkign og manking one or maybe not i mostly like to be anonymous did i spell that correct or maybe not : ) heres a picture of me myself :] wearing a Type B just like the one in the top picture second to the first only the T-shirt is visible but unlike the First pic. that what you call Type A or Heavy Battle Type \o(>.<)o/
Don't mind the Make-up thing that i am wearing.. long story about that but if your curios ask me : ) i'll be glad to talk :3 ehehehe... well i think that all about somethings that i could talk for now.... maybe i should blog everyday.. well not to mention that i still write in a diary :] some random stuff (^.^) ehehehe... lolz well that for now! Oyasumi nasai! (good night) but still i am not sleepy yet i still have to watch Naruto Shippuden (^o^;)

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