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...Tuesday, December 30, 2008

lemme give you some interesting fact about my life!
starting with the....

Real Name: Arianne Frances Clarice C. Ruma

I live in the country Philippines which is located at mostly part of the Asia :) i live in the region of Nueva Ecija in the city of Cabanatuan city, Something that i really am crazy in love with is Anime,Manga,Friends,Family and especially God! I'm a God loving child :) it's just that you really see it that much cause i am a lil bit crazy at times :D I don't have any Sisters nor Brothers but i actually have a brother a long time ago but, he died when he was a baby and didn't get to see him it's a lil bit sad :( but life goes on... I am currently satying with my Mom, i wish i have siblings though :p i hate pink stuff but i can really force my self and holds my breath when i am wearing nor holding something pink :p i hate pink cauyse when i was a child when i see that color i usually get dizzy easily up until now.. but it's a rare case, i am fond of any genre of anime... lolz i am also in love with my psp i love PATAPON can't wait for the 2.. lolz sadly i wear specs mostly when i am on the computer and watching t.v also playing video games, but since i am so forgetful that the thing i did 1 hour ago i forgot but i don't forget anything related to anime! I don't get alogn with numbers, maths a major problem for me but still surviving, i like the subject English, but i am not really that good.... :p I love taking pictures with my friends :] cause one of my dream is "To capture every moment in life." I would love to own a new SLR CAMERA how i wish i could have one. I am your simple tipical person you see everyday lazying around, did i mention i consider myself the type that is not to girly even my friends says so that i am super boyish at times.. ehehehe.. Last year i own a sub domain site yes proud to say that i can do a lil site designing but i quited early in that state since i got lazy and i have always forgot somke codes but it was fun it's actually a graphic site and the other one is a blog right now it's actually closed.. lolz >.<> from left to right, Megan i call her 'zsadie', ME!, Arvin call him 'Arrogant DAikon'

Did i mention that most people don't understand me?! cause umm.. the population of people who understand my language is 2 out of 10, weird huh?! yes yes it's beacause i am weird to the extent that i laugh along infront of the wall, no worries my brain is funtionally working absolutely fine!! lolz I name my Friend "Carmina" into "Tata" because in my country her real name is so common and it makes it boring but now most people call her "tata" and they actually know that, that ios her real name :p and i have this cousin names "Christian" and i named her "Xtian" but rarely to be called "Christmas" =.= okayyy... 'ANKWARD' i like to give random names to my friends and even to the teachers and i don't even know whyyy... O.o ask me again i might know the answer then :] oh yeah do you know how to edit the layout here in blogger like umm.... your won design like working on with the own coding yourself etc etc?? PM kei.. BACK to the TOPIC! I am the most talkative person in the class when it comes to some english movies and absolutely anime, i have a wide horizon for my imagination and i can even make a story about it sadly i am toooooo lazy to write one but last year i was in the modd to write so many stories... lolz my laziness is gettign worse day by day, when you have a blog do you update it evryday? i wish i can.... one out of my million wishes is to not be lazy : )


I think that all about it in my next next post u'll surely know more about me, sorry if my life is so boring :p did i mention i got a sugar rush?